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Station IT is a company with over 14 years experience
in the design, development and implementation of quality
software solutions and with experience in many different
business areas including:

   Financial Applications
   Workload Planning Solutions
   Quality Management Systems
   HR Surveying Tools
   Document Management Systems   
   Scanning Solutions
   HR Solutions                             
   Security Solutions
   Management Information Systems 
   Problem Tracking Systems
We have experience in many different technical areas :

   Web site design                                               
   Internet and Intranet application development: CGI and ISAPI  
   Relational database design     
   Windows application development
   Thin client solutions              
   Object oriented design and development
   Mainframe application development
   Web server configuration and management               

We have created solutions using different design
and development tools:

   Visual Studio Dot Net, C#
   Visual Basic                                                      
   DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, Paradox   
   Adobe Photoshop

Please contact us with your software requirements we will be please to help 


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